Automated PenTesting Training

 Date : 3/23 | Time : 10 am -12 pm EST | Medium : Physical | Max Attendees : 25

Registration for this Training is now closed.

This session will provide a deep dive of the Close Access Target Operations (CATO) solution for automating penetration testing and red teaming services, helping organizations discover their weaknesses and vulnerabilities before adversaries do.  As a security professional, explore how CATO helps streamline your workload, providing a diverse toolset with reproducible results presented to both you and your customers under one unified platform.

Trainer Bio: Jen Ecker has spent the past 10 years working in the cybersecurity software product development space, always striving to provide quality solutions to serve operational needs in both the commercial and government sectors.

Arctonyx is a cybersecurity startup formed out of CyberPoint International, LLC, and boasts  an impressive development team with deep technical experience in United States national security cyber strategies. We aim to disrupt the service-dependent status quo by leveraging our portfolio of proven cybersecurity products and iterating our cyber security operations platform to enable seamless insight into an organization’s externally facing security posture. Our dashboard allows organizations to experience the perspective of an attacker and explore realistic scenarios and vulnerabilities to better inform effective and ongoing red teaming efforts.

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