Your CMMC certification journey begins with a solid foundation. This 5-day course provides a comprehensive look at the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC 2.0) standard and prepares participants to perform as effective CMMC assessors, implementers, and consultants. With our team of world-class instructors with decades of experience, participants can expect a well-rounded view of CMMC.

The CCP course provides in-depth foundational knowledge for CMMC, applicable in its existing format to CMMC 2.0 almost entirely. The syllabus is divided amongst the industry’s most respected leaders as instructors, with up to five instructors per course (two instructors per module) allowing for rich context and experience as participants learn each objective. After participating in the class, a CCP Exam Prep participant can properly prepare their own organization, consult an organization that needs to prepare for their self-assessment or third party assessment, or wants to move on to the assessor course.

To add even more value, we offer a free weekly study group for all CCP participants who complete the Edwards course, continuing until the CCP exam is available. Our instructors and Provisional Assessors provide ongoing support, meeting weekly to review with our CCP cohorts the ongoing updates to the CMMC model and documentation, as well as diving deeper into specific areas of interest that are proposed by our students.


Edwards Performance Solutions provides more than just a 5-day course. Our instructors support you from the very beginning until after you have passed your exam. The instruction, along with the resources, provide an impeccable starting point to your CMMC journey.


Upon enrollment, automatically gain access to our CMMC Fundamentals video series with an in-depth review of the most important CMMC concepts for self-paced learning. Receive your e-copy of the CCP Field Guide and Exam Prep Manual and downloadable assets to be reviewed during the CCP class. Receive a free list of valuable additional resources to leverage in preparation for CCP.


Participation in our five-day Virtual Instructor Led Course, with discourse and engagement with two Provisional Instructors during each module to provide a well-rounded CMMC education. Receive your e-copy of the CCP Student Workbook with each instructor slide and areas for notes.


All class recordings and chat logs are posted in our LMS for repeat viewing, and you’ll also be automatically enrolled in the free weekly study group that will be guided by Amira Armond and the Edwards Performance Solutions Provisional Assessor team members right up until the CCP is available. The ability to leverage the experts and your CCP student peers for networking and ongoing support through the CCP journey.

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