Your health and safety is important to us.

Maritime and Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference - Hack the Port 2022
Cyber Exercise Health Strategy

With public health as the top priority, the HTP2022 team continues to monitor all appropriate news and data sources related to COVID conditions.

The over 800 participants watched our team shape shift MISI’s previous event, The Hack the Building Conference and Cyber Exercise,  almost weekly as a result of the fluid COVID conditions at the time.

Hack the Building leveraged a combination of outdoor seating, virtual and live streaming as well as limited inside the facility participation with tremendous success.  Blue and red teams from all over the country, sponsors and partner countries touted the event as a stellar learning and cyber skills experience.

Our event is on track for late March,2022 the 21-25th .  Predictions are that current conditions will peak this month providing for a lower risk environment in late March.

The team is evaluating contingency plans in the event conditions are not suitable for an event of 400 – 600 attendees. 

The conference will have virtual and digital (post session viewing) options as well. 

Stay tuned for the most up to date news on the event website at: